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"Сеять не так трудно, как жать"
Совсем недавно состоялся онлайн турнир SIO-Gaming 1x1, в котором приняли участие 2 игрока из команды sYnck известной по Чемпионату мира. В итоге оба игрока (janz и Dodz) дошли до полуфинала, но там вынуждены были играть дург против друга. Победу одержал Dodz. Далее Dodz-у пришлось встретиться с xek (Begrip.ru). Победив со счётом 11-7, выигрывает турнир и становится обладателем лаптопа стоимостью ~15,000 эстонских кронн. После турнира организаторы взяли интервью у победителя.

Hi WHITEY! Everybody knows about you in Estonia but can you tell us who you are for our readers?

Hi My name is Rainer Trossek, i'm 18 years old, I go to school and there's nothing else to know I guess. :P

Congratulations on the Sio-Gaming 1on1 aim tour. How does it feel to be an owner to a new laptop?

Thanks, and it feels GREAT winning such a good prize! smile

OK. What was the first thing going through your mind when you joined the tournament?

My first tought was like "it would be nice to win all those good players and a laptop". Had to prove myself that i still can play this game. smile

Was there any conflict on the tournament with any of the other players or the tournament admins?

Not with the admins, but with one player, trancept, he was missing his demo

What did you think of PROTUZ and aT?

I think they did a great job hosting the tournament. It was nicely finished in 4 hours and tbh playing from home this has been one of the best tournaments I have ever played online.

Nice! Are you going to participate on more tournaments on Sio-Gaming with prizes like these?

Yes, 100% sure

How long have you been playing with sYnck?

Since 2004 august so thats over 3 years now. i have played with sYnck before but it was nothing serious, there was basically no "pro gaming" in counter strike in Estonia. 3 years ago we started with some more serious goals of becoming at least an internationally known team. smile

Thats great smile How is your relation with the other members of the team? By that i mean, how often do you see each other.

Me, lorenzo, rodi, punisher and m`` are kind of close friends but we dont have much time to see each other. janz is new in our team, no one really knows him that much. plaza lives 100km away in another city so we dont see much of him :). rodi and m`` are inactive in our team right now actually but yeah, we dont have much time to see each other outside of the cyberworld, except for the summers maybe when we drink/party together or whatever.

Are you and your team going to participate on any offline tournaments this year?

Yeah we hope so, we just got a deal with an organization called heroz (http://www.heroz-gaming.com), and as far as i know we are supposed to go to dreamhack at the end of this month, and maybe the ASUS cup in russia also in this month i think

I wish you good luck in dreamhack and in ASUS. Two more question. Are you looking forward to the laptop?

Well, of course smile

HAHA! Last question. What do you think of the Sio-Gaming Community and the site?

Nothing bad to say, only positive toughts, especially if you guys throw great cups/tournaments with good prizes and good competition, as for the site.. i'm no expert but i think it's very decent smile

Well thanks for participating in our tournament. Hope you have fun with the new laptop and wish you well in the future. Do you have any last words to the readers?

Yeah, lots of great wishes to my hordes of fans and groupies, my mom and my dad and my cat, my teammates and of course my girlfriend (MAARJA) who made me participate in this cup biggrin And thanks for having this great cup, hope to play some more (perhaps 5on5 :D)

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